radio art


Experimental narrative radio art piece fusing soundscape and real-life confessional  material. Commissioned by Irish national radio RTÉ Lyric FM. Originally performed live and broadcast by satellite Europe-wide through the Ars Acustica network  in occasion of Art's Birthday 2017.


"Travel, noise, people.

One person.

Unsettled and disconnected, chasing sleep through the territories of his mind.

We journey with him, listening, sensing, stumbling, inhabiting, escaping.

Resisting, then surrendering.

Breathing in and out towards release, towards daylight."

Onironautica is the Italian translation for ‘lucid dream’, a term originally coined by Dutch psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden to describe the experience of being aware of being dreaming.


Following the struggle of a character that is simultaneously Stranger and Self, this work also embraces the title’s connotations of travel and exploration through (sound)waves and blurry borders, evoking the anxiety present within the journey towards surrender. 

This sound-rich experimental narrative weaves in and out of a pseudo-interview and the character’s own inner thoughts, recreated through the use of original field recordings, collected from around the world. 


 Concept, field recordings and production: La Cosa Preziosa (Susanna Caprara) 

Voice: David J. Romero


Commissioned by RTÉ Lyric FM in occasion of Art's Birthday 2017. First broadcast 17th Jan 2017, RTÉ Lyric FM.

Finalist in the European Broadcasting Union's (EBU) Ars Acustica Prix Palma, 2017

Prix Palma 2017.png