la cosa preziosa

sound art | arte sonora

La Cosa Preziosa (Susanna Caprara) is a sound artist and field recordist from the south of Italy based in Dublin, Ireland. As a sound designer her work is focused on the production of original soundscape compositions for performances, radio broadcasts and gallery installations. 

La Cosa Preziosa è un'artista sonora e field recordist Italiana originaria del Sud Italia e residente in Irlanda. Come sound designer il suo lavoro si concentra sulla produzione di paesaggi sonori originali su commissione per eventi, produzioni radio e installazioni. 

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"La Cosa Preziosa is an Italian sound artist who specializes in abstract, short-form storytelling through field recordings and soundscape compositions (and a lot of other really amazing audio, music, sound work.) If you aren't signed up for her soundscape dispatch, you're missing out."

- Elena Fernández Collins, AUDIO DRAMATIC

"A great example of how field recordings can be as much about memory and experience as they can be about taxonomy and data."

- Marc Weidenbaum, DISQUIET

“La Cosa Preziosa makes all her field recordings from scratch, and the payoff is evident in her sound. Her pieces reach out, detailed and stark, beckoning for us to lean deeper into the rich reverberations of her world." 

- Michelle Macklem and Jess Shane, 


"Sitting atop the online surface, we are transported for a minute or two in a similar way as the aleatory radio signal. We’re beyond the one-pass experience of radio. We are beckoned, invited, urged to listen at whim, at our discretion, repeatedly”  

- Joan Schuman, EARLID

“It’s rare one gets such a physical immersion in sound.  Oh sure, it’s conceptual, but it’s also in your hand. Choking, in your next breath.”  

- Bernard Clarke,