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"La Cosa Preziosa's Secret Soundscape Club (like an audio tiny letter! ) is one of my favourite email subscriptions. Love to be submerged in these sonic worlds every month."

- Lucy

audio producer

"My recommendation this week is not a podcast exactly, but a secret world of soundscapes. Intrigued? (...) Sign up for the emails and receive a short, beautiful, and impeccably-recorded soundscape. It might be the sound of coffee being made, a city at sunset, or a binaural recording of someone running a bath. Get your best headphones, a quiet space, and lose yourself in audio for a few short mintues."

- Conor Reid, 

Bello Collective

"We're inspired by her playful orchestration of micro-soundscapes, which you can listen to in her delicious monthly newsletter, The Secret Soundscape Club."

- michelle macklem

& jess shane, 

On 'Warmblood': 

"Love this one, soooooo much." 

executive Producer,



"Subscribing to this newsletter will improve the life of your ears."

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  • What is The Secret Soundscape club?

The Secret Soundscape Club is a free monthly email dispatch for curious ears.

Subscribers are emailed a private link to one surprise, original mini soundscape released on the last day of every month. 


  • What sorts of sounds can I expect? 


Always different: These short audio treats are always different in theme and format, from flash audio fiction and abstract electroacoustic, to micro documentaries and mini essay. There is always something to be surprised about. 


Short & Sweet: All mini soundscapes are under 2 minutes duration, but always packed with soul and imagination to see you into the new month with a smile on your face.

Original: All works are by sound artist La Cosa Preziosa and crafted from her own original field recorded material, collected in different locations around the world.

  • How do I subscribe, and how does it work? 

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On the last day of every month, check your email.

Follow the link, throw on your headphones, listen, travel, enjoy and linger, long after the sounds are over.

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