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behind the soundscape: holding

This soundscape developed out of that most mundane and frustrating of activities in our collective lives: ringing up a call centre and being put on hold for an indetermined amount of time.

During one of those waits that seemed to go on forever, I grabbed my recorder and was able to catch a few minutes of the terrible muzak, the silence in between, and the array of microtextures generated by the phone line itself.

Later I developed the idea to rearrange and maniuplate these elements. What would it feel like to step beyond that telephone line, to enter that virtual space, and look at it up close? I imagined it as a dark, deep, sonic space without limits, inhabited by meteoric clicks whoosing by, pulsating bleeps, rogue chords and bass emerging from distances impossible to fathom.

The pace is slow, and there are new elements to discover at every turn, but none is there long enough to be thoroughly identified. These elements are fleeting, independent and not bound by gravity, and yet their pull is towards each other.

You can listen to the full version of Holding on Spotify below:

The short version of this soundscape, which was sent out as part of The Secret Soundscape Club, is a completely different take on the same raw material. It is a fast-paced, fast-edited short that ends (spoiler alert!) on the real-life reprise of the call from the agent, and is a light hearted and fun take on the same experience.